Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What sort of test is this?

This is a RTPCR test that detects the presence of COVID19 to tell you if you are currently infected with the virus.

2.  What is the difference between a COVID-19 PCR test and an antibody test?

The PCR test we offer it carried out on a swab that has been in your mouth and nose and detects the presence of COVID19 to tell you if you are currently infected with the virus. The antibody test is carried out on a sample of blood and detects the antibodies in your system that are created in response to exposure to the virus. The antibody test would tell you if you’ve previously been exposed to the virus.

3.  Do you offer the antibody test?

No. We feel that at this stage there isn’t enough information about what having a positive antibody test would mean to you.

4.  Is this test RTPCR?

We find that people interchange what they mean by RT when discussing PCR. Some refer to Real Time PCR and others will be referring to Reverse Transcription in the case of the PCR test we provide it is both Real Time and Reverse Transcription (others would also refer to this as qPCR).

5.  Which test do you use?

We use the same test and machinery as in use in the NHS Lighthouse laboratories.

6.  What is the sensitivity and specificity of the test?

The manufacture of the test states that it is 100% specific to SARS-CoV-2. The test detects down to 10 copies of RNA per reaction.

7.  What is contained in the testing kit?

The testing kit contains.

8.  What do I do once I receive the testing kit?

Visit the submit samples page on our website Sample Returning Page. Complete all of the requested details including the unique barcode number from your pack and your contact details. Pack the sample up following the guide and post it back in your local post box (we suggest you check the collection time at your local post box in advance).

9.  How long do the results take?

We aim to have all results returned within 24 hours of receipt of the sample into the laboratory. For time sensitive testing we recommend ordering the pack a few days in advance to allow for any delays with the courier.

10.  How do I know if my sample has been delivered to you?

In the pack you are sent there is a postal bag with a Royal Mail medical tracked postal mark. You can use the tracking number provided on this label to track your delivery using the Royal Mail website. Track Your Order

11.  I’m in a rush, or live locally, can I collect and deliver the samples directly from and to Axiom laboratory?

To avoid unnecessary contact we are only posting testing kits out as we don’t have the facilities to safely hand them to you. You are, however, welcome to bring your samples directly to the lab when you have taken the test. We have a drop box on the front of the building to the left of the glass porch – it is a white lock box with the Axiom logo on the front. If you place samples in that box before 09:00 Monday to Saturday we’ll return your results within 24 hours from starting our daily test run; any samples delivered after 09:00 would go on the next day’s run.

12.  How will I receive my test certificate?

You will receive your result by email and text message if you provide the necessary contact details.

13.  When should I order my testing pack?

For time sensitive testing we recommend ordering the pack a few days in advance to allow for any delays with the courier.

14.  How do I return the samples to you if I don’t come to the lab?

We provide a Pre-paid Royal Mail Medical Tracked postal bag for you to return the samples. You can post the samples back in any Royal Mail post box including the Priority boxes. Royal Mail Priority Postboxes

15.  Can you guarantee that the samples will be returned to you the day after posting?

We are using the Royal Mail service which we have found to be reliable to date, but we can’t guarantee the delivery times which are beyond our control.

16.  Can I choose to use my own courier?

You are welcome to use your own courier to deliver your test kits directly to the Laboratory. If you chose to do so please address them to Axiom Laboratory, The Manor House, Brunel Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4PB.

17.  What should I do if I haven’t received my results?

If you haven’t received your results within 24 hours of delivery at the lab please email

18.  Is this certificate suitable for travel?

Over the past few months our test has been used by passengers testing directly with us, or via travel clinics who use our service, to visit:

Advice and information changes rapidly in the current climate so we would advise all passengers to check the latest advice on the FCO website as well as the country they are travelling to.

19.  What is included on the Test Certificate?

Provided the correct information is submitted the certificate will show, Patient Name, Passport/ID Number, Date of Birth, Sample Date, Sample Time, Request Date, Reported Date, Test Method (PCR), Result (Negative or Positive), and authorising Doctor’s Name.

20.  Does your test show the time the sample was taken?


21.  Does your test show my passport / National ID number?

When you complete the submit samples section of the website there is a field to add your passport or National ID number; this will then be included on your report.

22.  If I get a positive results what should I do?

You should self-isolate and follow the latest Government advice.

23.  If I get a positive result, does this mean that I can’t get it again?

We don’t know the answer to this question yet.

24.  When are you open?