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Please note that Royal Mail have a greatly increased workload and reduced service from December 24th and will not be providing normal service again until December 29th. This means any orders placed after the final dispatch on the 24th December will not ship until 29th December and with increased postal workload could result in further delay to delivery of testing kits. This will have the same delay on samples being posted back to the lab for proccessing.

Please see our Xmas opening hours. Although we will be running tests and sending results over the Xmas period we will have limited phone and email services and there will be delays in response to queries.

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Axiom Laboratory COVID-19 PCR Testing.

Welcome to Axiom Laboratories COVID-19 PCR testing service.

This test is the SARS-CoV-2 swab test carried out in our Molecular Diagnostic Unit in Devon using Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) and is designed to tell you if you have the virus at the time of taking the sample. The test we are using is approved by the WHO and is in use in NHS laboratories around the UK.

With this service we send you a testing pack that includes the swab you will use at home to take a sample from your throat and nose and all of the necessary pre-paid postage packaging to return it to the laboratory. We begin the daily run at 09:00 Monday to Saturday and will be able to tell you within 24 hours of starting the run if you tested positive or negative; any samples received after the run begins will be added to the next day’s run.

We have introduced this test in support of the NHS to reduce some of the pressure they are facing and to offer an option for individuals who might be asymptomatic but still in need of testing or symptomatic and unable to access a test. This service is being used by individuals for many different reasons including; for travel to other countries and for returning to education or work. We have both individuals sending us samples and have multiple businesses using the service to support their staff; if you are a business and would like to discuss how we can help you please email

Tests must be booked via this website prior to sending the sample – failure to register your samples correctly online could lead to delays in receiving your results.

For an idea of how easy it is to do watch our instructional video.

For further information please call us on: 0330 332 5696 or complete your details on the Contact Us page.